Collision Repair

Disassembly, Body Repair, Refinish and Reassembly

Disassembly is the first step. At that time, we identify all damage, notify you and the insurance company if there is a change from the initial estimate. We then calculate and notify you if the original estimated completion would change. The repair process begins. This involves several stages: We repair the body and complete mechanical repairs. After inspection, the car is sent to the refinish stage. In the refinish stage, the body is sanded and sealed. The vehicle is primed, color applied and finally the clear coat is applied. After inspection, the car is ready for reassembly. We re-assemble the vehicle and let you know when we will make the final delivery.

Quality Assurance and Delivering Your Car

After completing a final QC check, a light detail is performed. Your car is ready for pick up! We warranty all of the work we have completed!


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